Fine Cesium Chemicals

High-purity cesium chemicals can deliver critical performance and process improvements.

Fine cesium chemicals’ unique properties, known as the "cesium effect," can enable you to improve process performance, increase yields, reduce cycle times, prevent or mitigate pollution, all while increasing profits. Fine cesium chemicals therefore constitute a small-but-critical component in a wide range of applications

Our diverse portfolio of high-purity cesium chemicals deliver critical performance and process improvements across a wide range of industries and applications. We operate the world's largest proven reserve of cesium-rich pollucite at our Bernic Lake mine in Manitoba, Canada. We leverage our global supply chain and position as a leader in specialty chemicals to offer a broad portfolio of high-purity cesium compounds, both as salts and in solutions, to meet you performance and process needs. 

Additionally, we offer cesium formate brines as a drilling and completion solution for the oil and gas industry.

Product stewardship is our priority. Visit our certifications and declarations library to download information on Responsible Care®, ISO, EU REACH and other regulations.

Certifications and Declarations