Suppliers' Sustainability

With an extensive supply chain across the globe, we believe there are many opportunities to improve our collective impact on the planet and society by modifying the way we do business with our partners.

Our Purchasing Team, which is responsible for all aspects of managing our supply chain, has been working closely with our suppliers for many years to ensure quality, continuity, efficiency and mitigation of risks. In support of these efforts, the team undergoes training on an annual basis to review the terms and methods for ensuring our Supplier Code of Conduct is upheld. In doing so, we reinforce our expectations for suppliers to conduct their business responsibly. In the spirit of continuous improvement, we also spent much of 2017 establishing a meaningful management approach for supplier sustainability. This effort was initiated by engaging our colleagues with expertise in purchasing, supply chain logistics and the needs of our business segments to collect suggestions for how we could fully integrate sustainability into existing supply chain management practices. We also used this as an opportunity to review existing initiatives and to catalog activities that had resulted in positive sustainability outcomes. These internal success stories, paired with information we gathered from benchmarking industry best practices, were valuable guides for developing our strategy for sustainable supply chain management. 

A key aspect of the strategy we devised involves rolling out an auditing program as an extension to the existing practices we have in place for supplier-quality auditing. The pilot of this auditing program is slated for 2018. In addition, we look forward to continuing our collaboration both internally across departments as well as with our suppliers to uncover new opportunities to improve social and environmental practices across our supply chain.